Sara Kumprey, RMT, Osteopathy (current study)

Sara Kumprey started treating in 2004 after graduating from Kikkawa Massage Therapy School in Toronto.  Half her career  has been in 5 star resorts and spas doing Relaxation treatments, and the other half at Rehab clinics doing straight rehab work for those who needed it. Sara originally joined the MassageWorks team at the Weber Street location in 2011, where she built a very strong practice.   

Life took her to Toronto, but she always stayed in touch with her MassageWorks family.    In 2013, Sara decided to further her career by enrolling in the Canadian College of Osteopathy.  Shortly after doing so, she came back to MassageWorks to mentor under Paul.  


Sara is in the process of learning the manual osteopathic techniques and is incorporating them into her treatments as required.    Sara half time in the U.K., so alternates 8 weeks here, and 8 weeks there.


*All osteopathic treatments performed by Sara are billed as an RMT.