Tim Penner, RMT & Cupping

Tim Penner graduated from the CCMH campus in Cambridge in the fall of 2013.


He is passionate about what he does and loves the interaction with his clients. He has a strong of  history working with mothers in pre-natal and after-birth care.  He has also worked a great deal with clients requiring lymphatic work, and has a great passion for working with atheletes to help manage their sports injuries and rehabilitation.

While using a fair amount of pressure in his usual  style of treatment,  he can also provide a pain free and wonderful relaxation massage.  So Tim is an excellent choice for either deep tissue, or light relaxation massage.  He is also certified in using cupping massage. Cupping massage can help with improving posture and pain free movement. It also has a great effects on  long term injuries and chronic pain. 

He works together with his clients through massage and home care, getting them to buy into their own health journey and creating a teamwork environment.  Tim feels that communication is key and encourages clients to ask questions and provide feedback as this leads to an interactive experience and better results. 

*Please note Tim does not do 90 minute treatments.