Alyssa Jacobs, RMT and Cupping

Alyssa graduated from The Canadian College Of Massage and Hydrotherapy in May 2018. While in school, she had the opportunity to treat a wide range of clients with many different conditions; from everyday aches and pains to strains, sprains, IT band contractures, TMJ, chronic migraines, arthritis and many more. But Alyssa’s main focus was accumulating a great deal of sports hours working on athletes at the University of Guelph and Waterloo. This gained passion and experience in not only relaxation massage (general swedish) but rehabilitation too.


Alyssa was greatly involved in the sports community growing up being a competitive soccer player for more than 11 years.Through experiencing various injuries and surgeries, ranging from minor to major, she understands the therapeutic needs of today's athletes. She is committed to helping others and working with her clients, to achieve their health and wellness goals. Hoping to give back to a community that supported and helped her for many year.


Alyssa’s future plans are dedicated to continuing her education to expand her knowledge and skill with additional training in sports massage, cupping and acupuncture.