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Jacqui Costello, RMT  (and Acupuncture)

Jacqui Costello graduated from Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2007. Jacqui started her career at a physiotherapy clinic where she gained experience treating a number of conditions. Everything from work place injuries such as repetitive strain in the hands, arms and shoulders, to motor vehicle accidents such as whiplash and lower back injuries. She joined the MassageWorks team in 2012.

Jacqui has obtained certificates for cupping massage and one of her favorites; pregnancy massage, which included pre and post pregnancy treatments.

Jacqui has further obtained a certificate in acupuncture under the massage therapy scope of practice to either incorporate with massage, to be applied on its own or with electroacupuncture which is an electric current passed through 2 needle points to receive results quicker.


Acupuncture is great for muscle strains, frozen shoulder, low back pain, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel, headaches as well as general relaxation. Jacqui will assess the client to make sure they can achieve the best goal for the client.

(please be advised all acupuncture is being billed as an RMT)

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