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Adam Tinnerello, RMT, 

Adam is a Registerd Massage Therapist that graduated from the Canadian College of Massage in Cambridge.  Adam has a background in Reiki and other energy healing modalities since 2013, which inspired his journey into Massage Therapy.  He was raised in a household where wellness was promoted and encouraged from an early age.

Adam is successful in treating clients with various conditions ranging from stress and anxiety, muscle tension, headaches and other various ailments.  It is his goal to provide the best treatment that is tailored to your primary concerns by using various techniques such as: Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Tapotement and Pin and Stretch technique.

Adam believes regardless if you are seeking Massage Therapy for relaxation or a specific condition, there can always be a therapeutic outcome.  He is skilled at providing deep tissue techniques but also can provide lighter techniques suited towards your goals and tolerance.

Adam strives to continuously learn every year and has an interest in Reflexology, and Cupping in the future.  He understands the stresses of life and knows that it can truly impact the body and your overall wellness on all levels.

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