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Do I have to wear a mask?  

You do not.  However, if it makes you more comfortable, please go ahead.

Can I fill out the paperwork before I get there?   

On your first visit, a complete health history needs to be filled out.  You can arrive early to fill it out, or print it off and bring it with you.   Please be as detailed as you can.  Include all contact info and relevant information.  You will be sent a health history online... it is the preferred way for you to forward us your information


What can I expect on my first visit?    
On your first visit, a complete health history will be conducted, and your current medical conditions and your treatment options will be discussed.  It is recommended that you book a minimum of 45 minutes for your first appointment.


Do you direct bill?    

We do not direct bill to insurance companies.   You pay for your treatment at the end of your treatment, and we give you a receipt to submit to your health coverage provider if you have one. Most insurance companies will reimburse you within a few days.   Our Fairway and Lackner clinic will direct Bill to Greenshield.  (You must have your card present at every treatment.)

What if I need to cancel?  
We appreciate clients who book in advance, and we understand that life can get in the way of pre-planned appointments.  We ask for 24 hours notice when cancelling any appointment.  However we do understand that is not always possible if you are sick or stuck in traffic.   Please let us know if you are not going to make the appointment, so we can accommodate people on our cancellation list.   Last minute cancels could be subject to a cancellation fee if it is a recurring event.     We are waiting for you, and if you choose not to show up, you are expected to pay for the therapists' time.


Do you do pre-natal massage?

Yes, we do pre-natal and post-natal massage.  We have available the BodyCushion system, which allows the expectant parent to lay on their stomach.  The pillows create a pocket that the stomach rests in, to take the pressure off the lower back, and allow the expectant parent to relax.  If you would rather not lay face down, all therapists are also trained on a side-line approach.

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