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Rachel McClelland, RMT

After working in retail for 12+ years, Rachel decided to go back to school for Massage Therapy because she wanted to do something more meaningful in her life that allowed her to combine her love of interacting with people and her fascination of anatomy.  It also filled a huge need to help people.    Her passion for the impact massage has had on people's lives has guided her towards the advanced techniques learned in the field of Osteopathy.   Rachel is currently in her 2nd year of the Osteopathy program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto.   

Her focus is now having an impact on people's lives through her ability to alleviate pain and discomfort, and help people on the road to recovery.  Although her scope of practice includes Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and joint mobilization, she has a particular passion for Pre-Natal treatments and infant/child massage.

Rachel has a huge soft spot for all things pregnancy related  from pre-natal massage to labour & delivery comfort measures as well as post-natal and infant massage. She could listen to stories about ultrasound appointments, deliveries and babies/kids to no end and is proud to be able to provide comfort to moms and families as they bring life into the world. 


Rachel believes being chosen as your massage therapist is a unique honour because it invites her into people's lives.  It allows her to see a snap shot of what they have done, and often allows her to see where people are going.  The relationship she builds with clients is something she values greatly, and is an integral part of her success as a therapist.

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